Boost your product design with extensive CAD use

We believe that strong level of CAD software utilization can strongly improve design and manufacturing of the product.
On this website you can learn the ways to use CAD software more efficiently. Majority of the topics are about the use of Siemens NX. There are also reviews of free and mobile CAD software.

  • Top-down design
    Top-down design
    Start your way to top-down design with this article
  • 3 axis milling
    3 axis milling
    Paractice complex 3 axis milling for hard-to-reach areas
  • 5 axis and 4 axis manual impeller manufacturing
    5 axis and 4 axis manual impeller manufacturing
    Improve your skills with multiaxis based on 4 and 5-axes impeller tutorials
  • Improve drafting
    Improve drafting
    Increase your efficiency in producing 2D documentation

Improve assembly modeling

This series is dedicated to the top-down design strategy and other topics related to the advanced assembly modeling in NX.
Top-down design in NX, exploiting the strongest features
Machining after assembly
Calculate weight in presence of wave links

Get better skills in NX CAM with impeller examples

The series explains how to manufacture impeller using manual NX CAM operations. These are rather complex examples, which can be a good material for practicing your skills. We believe that after going through these examples, you will find machining other models in multiaxis easier.

Improve drafting

These series explains how to work better with drafting application. It shows the ways of creating drawings for parametric models, reuse of drafting features and other information.

NX CAM best practices

This series presents various practical NX CAM examples
Undercutting operations in NX CAM
Manufacturing of turbine blades, coming soon

Other topics

FreeCAD review
Om3DCAD (Android) review


Coming soon

NX CAM automation

This series gives an overview of CAM automation tools and shows examples of use.

List of NX tutorials

Here we speak about the free NX tutorials, their place in the learning process, and show you where to find these tutorials.

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