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Computer Aided Design software is a base of many things that surround us nowadays. From a drawing board replacement it became an interactive environment for conceptual and detailed design. It is an environment for capturing your design thoughts, finalizing and forwarding them into production or prototyping. Modeling in  CAD software brings a direct road for manufacturing, rendering, 3D printing and for adding parametric intelligence to your model.

The number of large enterprises and independent users of CAD software is growing bigger, the same happens with the average level of software utilization. Larger companies are looking for the way to improve design and manufacturing processes to make their products more competitive. Personal users are looking for a simple software tool to capture their design ideas, support hobbies or studies.


This website is about:

  • Effective ways of using NX software
  • Design engineering and CAD methods
  • Additive manufacturing, known as 3D printing
  • Expert reviews of smaller CAD packages



Alexander Popkov

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10 years’ experience in CAD/CAM software and background in mechanical engineering. Worked for production enterprises and (CAD) software suppliers. Fields of expertise: CAD, CAM, Additive manufacturing, product development. Worked in Russia and Finland, currently lives in Finland.

Maxim Semenenko



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10 years’ experience in CAD software and background in mechanical engineering. Fields of expertise: General CAD, Advanced CAD methods, Design engineering, Design for manufacturing. Worked for manufacturing companies and software suppliers in Russia and Sweden. Currently lives in Russia.


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