Free NX tutorials, part 1: The place of free tutorials in the learning process

I am often asked, especially after starting CADroad, if there are any free tutorials for NX. My answer is: “Yes there are, but if you are a new user, I believe they should be used with care”. I have taught NX for several years and sometimes I give links to these materials to my trainees to follow up the training. But I tell that they should understand their limitations before starting to using them.
Here I explain what kind of tutorials are available for NX and what is the place of free tutorials in the learning process.
In the next parts, the lists tutorials would be provided.

NX free tutorials

Official training centers

When someone ask me: “How do I study NX?”, my usual answer is to order a training from a certified Siemens PLM training center. NX is mainly designed for large enterprises and trainings delivered by Siemens Partners allow to implement NX faster and as a result save company resources. Usually, a Siemens partner can include some real work examples in the training course.
In my opinion, first contact with the system has to be done under experienced CAD trainer supervision. This will assure that you understand the “big picture” of the system use and that you use correct techniques.

Learning Portal

In some cases, a better way can be to do training individually online. The reasons can be the following:
• Users have heavy workload and can’t take time off work for a few days in a row.
• Users have very different level of CAD knowledge and it is difficult to form a group with similar CAD skills
• There are not enough users to form a training group

In that case, my advice would be to use the Siemens Learning Portal. The courses are split in short modules, which can be completed individually at any time. The user can go through course at his own pace and repeat it when required. I still recommend that an experienced CAD user follows the trainee’s progress.

Free tutorials

Finally, is it possible to learn NX using free resources? The answer is yes, but with some limitations. The problem with free tutorials is that they are mostly dedicated to a specific issue or specific design, they are taken out of context and the new user would not understand the “big picture” of how NX should be used. This can lead to low quality designs, complex issues in group work and data reuse.
Again, in case you decide to use free resources, my advice is to have a supervisor, who can make sure your learning process is corresponding with good design practices.

As I mentioned, free resources are mostly dedicated to certain problem, or give answer questions regarding particular designs. For this reason they are very good for those, who passed at least the basic training and is improving the knowledge. In some cases, author can make a free instruction for a topic that is poorly (or not at all) covered in documentation and official trainings. Sometimes, a problem is shown on good quality example parts, which are more relevant to your industry.

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