Improve drafting in NX CAD, part 1 introduction

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Improve drafting in NX CAD

This article series describes various ways for improving your performance in NX drafting. Part 1 gives an overview of the functions, further posts will describe these functions in detail.

Introduction to drafting efficiency.

While the basics of the drafting application can be understood quite intuitively, there are some additional tools which can improve your productivity when creating a drawing. There are a tools which can standardize some common drafting procedures, and tools for making the drawing updatable (meaning minimum changes are needed when model changes).

Reuse drafting objects.

The reuse of components and features has a proven positive effect on modeling of parts and assemblies. In a similar way, this can be utilized in drawings. The frequently used drafting objects can be defined in the library as Custom Symbols, with addition of certain flexibility when they are placed.
NOTE: Custom Symbols is the name in NX. It is a bit misleading, because apart from actual symbols you can define a variety of objects.

Drawings for reusable components.

When it comes to the drawings of customizable reusable components, additional effort is often required for readjusting the drawing to new dimensions. The time required for that can be reduced by using some drafting techniques. If there is time for defining a parametric model, there should also be time to define a responsive drawing.

Other drafting features.

In addition there are other tools for improving performance in drafting:

  • Unifying drawing views with annotations in 3D model (PMI)
  • Drawing templates with pre-defined views
  • Extraction of existing model parameters
  • Lightweight representations

Overall, the use of advanced drafting tools can greatly improve your productivity.

Take actions.

  • Start by identifying frequently used objects on a drawing (symbols, tables, annotations, all of this in a mix). Consider creation of custom symbols
  • Go through  your Reuse library (or identify parts which you use Save As often). If you require drawings for such parts, consider making these drawings responsive
  • Do you use PMI inside your company? From my experience the use of PMI pays off if used in at least two disciplines, one of which always can be drafting.
  • Study the additional tips and tricks for improving work with a drawing.

Follow the next posts about drafting application on CADroad to study all above-mentioned in detail.

Let me know what you thing. What kind of features do you use for improving efficiency with drafting?

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