om3DCAD – free 3D CAD for Android, review and modeling example


Om3DCAD  is free CAD application for 3D modeling and CAD file conversion for Android. It has some very basic (non-parametric) modeling tools and, it imports/exports files in multiple formats (STEP, IGES, STL, OBJ). Here I would share my first experience with the tool and will describe a way to make a simple model.

om3DCAD, free Android CAD

om3DCAD, free Android CAD

Modeling example.

The aim is to model a protection cover for a plug (eurosocket type C). The idea came after such plug got broken. During the testing I would check STEP import and STL export (for the following 3D printing). It will include a test of few modeling features. Tested on Nexus 7.

The following video can be used as a fast start instruction for the system.


Overall, Om3DCAD is a good tool for verification and translation of CAD formats. The modeling tools are moderate. It would definitely take a much longer time to make even a simple model, compared to a CAD system on a PC. At the same time, it is a good tool for a minor model fixes and model evaluation, becomes handy when you have only access to you tablet. Looking forward for new versions.


  • Supports multiple neutral formats for import and export, models can be edited.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Can model freeform shapes like splines, lofts, sweeps

Areas to improve

  • No object or grid snapping, you can only input coordinates
  • There is no circle feature in sketch (I had to model a tube along a line to make a hole)
  • Zooming and rotation takes time to get used to


om3DCAD on Google Play:

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